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(noun)..."a person who sees an event, typically a crime or accident, take place"

(Verb)..."to have knowledge of (an event or change) from personal observation or experience."

(Noun)..."evidence; profession of one's religious faith through words or actions."

Everyone is a witness. The question is, what kind of witness will you be? The bystander who sees the movements in the world symphony swirling around them? An audience member perhaps purposefully looking away. Are you a Witness who knows and has been apart of the plays themselves; an actor as the drama unfolds. Or are you a Witness of something greater than the bounds of your being with the willingness to break the barriers...What, when and where have you been a Witness? Why....

"Witness" is a series of portraits and conversations with people I have met around 2nd Avenue and Madison near the City Gate Church. Many of the people were living on the street or had been recently. These people shared their time and personal stories so that I could share them with you. 

This project originated in 2014 in my Sprague Diary, was expanded through GAP Funding by the Artist Trust and studio space from Jim Kolva and Pat Sullivan. Full Audio interview files available upon request.

Witness Audio
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